Accused Of Property Damage? 5 Nonviolent Charges A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Fight

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Accused Of Property Damage? 5 Nonviolent Charges A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Fight

When people think of criminal defense, they often picture a lawyer who handles assault charges, armed robbery, or other violent offenses. But a criminal defense attorney isn't just for those who are accused of committing violence. Property damage charges may not involve physical harm to another person, but they can still have serious consequences. Regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty, a qualified criminal defense lawyer can help you fight back against the five nonviolent charges below by arguing your case in court.

1) Trespassing

Trespassing occurs when someone enters or stays on someone else's property without permission. Depending on the circumstances, trespassing may result in a misdemeanor or felony charge. The other party may argue that you damaged their property or caused other harm. A criminal defense lawyer can help disprove these allegations or request lesser charges or a reduced sentence.

2) Vandalism

Vandalism is any intentional destruction of public or private property. This may include spray painting a home or business, breaking someone's windows, or damaging a door. A criminal defense lawyer can help minimize the consequences of a vandalism charge.

3) Theft

Theft occurs when you take something that belongs to someone else without permission, such as stealing money or items from a store or residence. Depending on the value of the item, theft may be a misdemeanor or a felony. Your current or future employers may be hesitant to work with you if you have a theft charge on your record, so reach out to a criminal defense attorney for help preventing this issue. 

4) Garden or Agricultural Damage

Garden or agricultural damage happens when someone intentionally destroys a garden or damages crops on another person's property. This can happen if you stomp on someone's flowers, ride your bike over their vegetables, or damage a crop without permission. A criminal defense lawyer can help you build your case and explain why the offense was unintentional or unavoidable.

5) Fireworks Violations

Fireworks violations involve using fireworks in an unauthorized area or setting them off during times of the year when they are prohibited. Fireworks can damage property and disturb neighbors. You may think that you are just enjoying some innocent fun, but what happens if someone's home or car catches on fire? If you get caught setting off fireworks illegally, you may face fines or more serious consequences, like jail time. Talk to a criminal defense attorney right away if you are accused of fireworks violations or other nonviolent or violent crimes.

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