Did You Cause That Accident? Know What To Do

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Did You Cause That Accident? Know What To Do

The period after an accident is often confusing for everyone involved. You may be physically hurt and are dealing with a wrecked vehicle. You may also be wondering if you caused the accident or not. If you suspect that you might have made a mistake and caused the accident, how you handle things can affect how your case ends up. Read on and find out more.

Keep Your Thoughts to Yourself

It's easy to accidentally create problems if you say things at the wrong time to the wrong people. At the accident scene, don't speculate about the cause of the accident when you are questioned by the law enforcement officer. If you are not sure of what led to the accident, then say that to the officer.

Never admit that you think you caused the accident. That will be established by law enforcement officers and others. You don't have the facts at your disposal to determine what occurred, no matter how sure you are about things. Also, never apologize to the other driver for any reason.

Handling Insurance Matters

Regardless of who was at fault for the accident, you will need to inform your insurer about the accident. However, you don't need to discuss the cause of the accident with them. Just give them what you know as far as the date, time, and location, and that is all. The insurers for both drivers will perform additional investigations to determine fault. When the other driver's insurance adjuster calls, do not speak to them under any circumstance. You are not required to talk to them, and doing so is often a bad idea.

Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer

You must protect both your own assets and your ability to be paid damages. No matter who you think might have been at fault, get a lawyer on your side. Here is what the lawyer will do:

  1. If fault has not been determined yet, they could hire an accident reconstruction expert to provide an opinion.
  2. If you have been found to be at fault, the lawyer can work to protect you from losing your personal assets. They can also scrutinize the other driver's damages and do what they can to minimize your losses.
  3. If you have been found to be at fault and disagree with the findings, your lawyer will work to fight the allegations and get you paid what you deserve.

To find out more, speak to a personal injury lawyer near you.

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