Dog Bite Injuries: 3 Reasons To Engage A Personal Injury Lawyer In Your Lawsuit

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Dog Bite Injuries: 3 Reasons To Engage A Personal Injury Lawyer In Your Lawsuit

Dog bites bring about much suffering to the victims. Depending on the breed of the dog, you might suffer extensive soft tissue damage. You could also get broken bones in the process of running away from the attacking animal.

Therefore, it is advisable to speak to a personal injury lawyer after the incident to seek compensation for your injuries. If you got bitten because of the owner's recklessness, you could sue them for damages. Here are four reasons to hire a lawyer for a dog bite case.

The Injuries Put You Out of Work

You can acquire numerous injuries from the attack of a hostile dog. These include soft tissue injuries, fractured bones, and torn muscles and ligaments. You may also end up with nerve damage and severe blood loss from the wounds. These are injuries that could take weeks or months to heal. That means you'll spend time out of your employment or business to recuperate. For that reason, you should seek compensation for your income loss. 

The Injuries Sometimes Lead to Secondary Complications

Another reason to hire an attorney for your dog bite case is that the injuries may lead to additional complications in the future. Some of these issues include tetanus and rabies. These conditions often arise if the pet owner hasn't vaccinated the dog as required.

Other conditions that can result from a dog's bite are staph and strep, and salmonella. If not addressed in time, some of these conditions can lead to the loss of a limb, sepsis, and even death. That is why you need to seek the guidance of a personal injury attorney to sue the liable party. 

The Attack Can Affect Your Mental Health

Many things happen as one tries to escape from hostile dogs. For instance, you might climb over a wall and unfortunately fall and break one of your limbs. Unfortunately, some injuries are impossible to recover from, which reduces your quality of life. Besides that, the encounter of a dog attack can lead to trauma. Perhaps you'll need to undergo several therapy sessions to recover from the post-traumatic stress caused by the situation. Maybe you are terrified of dogs now.

These are some of the consequences of a dog bite. But even if you wish to seek compensation, it is not advisable to go through the process without legal representation. First, your lawyer will determine whether you have a case worth pursuing and then help you prepare the lawsuit against the dog owner and anyone else found liable.

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