Benefits Of Hiring A Social Security Lawyer

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Benefits Of Hiring A Social Security Lawyer

If you're disabled and you don't earn an income, you may qualify for Social Security benefits. You're eligible for this financial aid if:

  • You're unable to perform your former job
  • Your disability is more than a year old
  • You're unable to perform another job due to hindrance by the medical condition

Even if you're eligible, note that the Social Security Administration (SSA) may deny your claim. Therefore, you may require a Social Security attorney to offer professional guidance. These are the pros of hiring a Social Security lawyer.

Understand the Different Social Security Benefits

A Social Security attorney understands the various benefits available and can help you apply for the relevant benefits. The two main benefits are:

  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income). The program offers financial help to disabled kids and the elderly of age 65 with little income.
  • SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance). The insurance provides financial support to those with health insurance. Additionally, you should have been an employee for an extended period over recent years and paid Social Security taxes.

Since understanding these programs can be overwhelming, a Social Security attorney will explain the eligibility criteria for the programs and guide you on the application.

Possess the Expertise Needed to File Claims

After establishing whether you're filing for the SSI or SSDI programs, the next steps involve preparing and filing your claim. Usually, the Social Security Association asks for personal information, including your Social Security details, disability information, and the details of your beneficiaries. Additionally, you need to produce proof of citizenship, tax and income documents, and medical records.

Overall, the SSA needs a lot of information, and accessing and interpreting the information may be challenging. Fortunately, a Social Security attorney can provide accurate documentation and file the claim on time. This makes your claim more credible, increasing the chances of approval.

Handle Appeals

When the SSA notifies you of a rejection, you only have a short time to appeal. Your Social Security attorney will know the rejection reasons and appeal within the given period. Usually, you're required to attend a hearing, and your attorney can provide legal representation. Your attorney will present evidence and compelling arguments during the appeal to convince the SSA to accept your claim.

A Social Security disability attorney understands the various Social Security programs, knows the claim filing process, and can handle your appeal in case of denial. Consider hiring a Social Security attorney to enjoy these benefits.

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