How Your Attorney Might Respond To A Disciplinary Complaint

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How Your Attorney Might Respond To A Disciplinary Complaint

Most lawyers receive at least one complaint in their lives. If your attorney is the type who often engages in activities that are considered dishonest by clients, your attorney may also be prepared to respond to a disciplinary complaint. However, as long as you do your part throughout the process, your attorney will be held accountable.

How the Process Works

You will be allowed to fill out an attorney disciplinary complaint form for free. You will need to include important information such as your name and contact information and the name and contact information of the lawyer you are filing a complaint against. If you have already filed a complaint, you will need to include that this is not your first complaint.

You will then need to state exactly what you believe was unethical, and this needs to be explained in thorough detail. You must include the date on which the incident occurred, any attempts at contacting the attorney, the fee arrangement, the amount you have paid to your attorney, the services provided, and the names and addresses of anyone else involved.

Your Attorney's Response

Your attorney is required to respond to the complaint in a timely manner. If your attorney does not respond fast enough, this might be grounds for your attorney to receive a punishment. If the attorney doesn't respond to the complaint, they might have a face-to-face meeting with a bar representative.

The attorney will ask for a written copy of the complaint so that they can adequately respond to it. Therefore, your attorney will know that you filed a complaint against them.

Talking to Your Lawyer

By having a conversation with your lawyer, you might be able to resolve the issue. For example, you might be able to better understand why your lawyer took the actions that they did after you understand the circumstances.

However, if your attorney will not allow you to talk to them, you will want to take steps toward hiring a new lawyer. You are able to officially end your relationship with your current lawyer and have someone else entirely different take over your case. Then, you can receive all of the legal documents that you will need to move forward with your case.

Your lawyer will still be able to charge you fees when you change lawyers. However, the fees must be reasonable. Excessive fees can be another reason to file a complaint. 

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