Career Damage And A DUI Conviction

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Career Damage And A DUI Conviction

When you hear that a driving under the influence (DUI) charge can negatively affect your life, it's no understatement. It's safe to say that many DUI offenders have no idea of the scope of what is to come if they end up getting convicted. Being arrested and then convicted can even impact your career. Read on to find out how that can happen and why it's so important to mount a vigorous defense to the charge.

Job Application and Background Issues

While a job that involves driving a company vehicle will automatically require a DMV check, there are considerations even for those who don't drive a vehicle for a living. Many jobs that deal with personally identifiable information (PII) must undergo criminal background checks. This means cashier jobs, hotel worker jobs, sales positions, and more. If the job you are applying to deals with personal information in any form, expect to undergo a background check. Most employers are looking for fraud, robbery, and financial crimes, but many will exclude anyone with a DUI as well.

Employers are looking for trustworthy, prompt, and conscientious employees and those who've been convicted of DUI don't usually fit into those categories. Unfortunately, those who have a criminal record may not even make it that far. Many job applications ask about criminal convictions and employers may set aside those applications in favor of others with clean records. Needless to say, if the job requires the employee to operate a motor vehicle, those convicted of a DUI need not apply.

Problems from the Start

Another major issue encountered by those arrested and charged with DUI surrounds the effect the state department of motor vehicles (DMV) has on your driving privileges. While your criminal charges entitle you to due process – innocent until proven guilty – the DMV is not restrained by the same rules. They are a separate entity and they can, and will, suspend your driving license immediately after an arrest pending the outcome of the criminal case. In dealing with your state's DMV, it's best to remember to treat it like a separate governing body that applies to your driving privileges only. That being said, hardship licenses are available to some who need to drive to their jobs and other places. Speak to your criminal defense attorney about your need to attend to your job so that you can get the ball rolling and miss as little work as possible after you've been released from jail. It's possible to fight a DUI charge, so speak with a DUI lawyer right away.

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