Don't Let Social Media Make Your Divorce Worse

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Don't Let Social Media Make Your Divorce Worse

There are very few people that don't use some form of social media every day. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more have moved into the mainstream and are used by old and young alike. When something happens, you post about it. This instinct to seek sympathy and attention, however, can backfire in some instances. Read on to find out why turning to social media during your divorce might be a mistake.

Your Posts Are Anything but Private

Regardless of your social media privacy settings, your spouse's legal team will have very little problem accessing everything you post. Subpoenas during the divorce process are fairly common and usually involve accessing financial information. If a particular divorce issue comes into the spotlight, however, the other side can and will peruse your social media posts to show that you don't deserve child custody, a piece of property, to pay a certain share of a debt, spousal support, and more.

For example, only those who need financial help can be approved for spousal support. If you've treated yourself to some retail therapy and are posting about your new expensive leather boots online, you might be opening up a Pandora's box of problems. Your best bet is to avoid posting about your divorce entirely and pay special attention when mentioning financial matters or behaviors.

Avoid Your Soon-to-be Ex's Posts, Too

This might be one instance where your natural curiosity is very damaging. Leave the sleuthing up to your own legal team. If your ex is dating, spending money with abandon, using drugs or drinking excessively, etc, that is a legal matter and not your business. It's best to unfriend your spouse and allow them to fall into their own trap when posting on social media. Your own emotional well-being can be affected negatively, and it might make it more difficult for you to cope with the divorce in a logical manner. Let your divorce attorney know about any spousal wrongdoing, but avoid stalking your ex and carrying your angst into the courtroom with you.

Depending on Social Media to Help You Is Fruitless

When the stresses of a divorce become too much to bear alone, keep in mind that your so-called friends on Facebook and the like are not really friends. Often, the people viewing your posts are just nosy and like to use your posts to make themselves feel better. Rather than count on social media for help, make plans to meet with your actual friends in person. Go to a movie, take a class, get together for a meal, and stay away from your social media accounts for a while. Instead of seeking support via social media, consider getting some personal support from your loved ones and seeking out professional emotional help from a therapist to help you cope better with divorce.

To learn more about using social media, talk to your divorce attorney.

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