4 Ways A Domestic Assault Attorney Can Help You

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4 Ways A Domestic Assault Attorney Can Help You

If you find yourself a victim of domestic assault, there is help out there for you. One avenue of getting the help that you need and protecting yourself is by hiring a domestic assault attorney. A domestic assault attorney can help you out in a variety of ways that can protect you and help you move forward with your life.

Establish a Protection Order

The first thing that a domestic assault attorney can do is help you get a protection order. Protection orders are also often called restraining orders as well. A protection order legally orders the person who harmed you to stay away from you. This will make it illegal for the person who harmed you to come near you at your home, at your workplace, at school, or wherever else that you may be. They have to stay away from places that you are at. In the case of violence with a live-in partner, a protection order can even force the individual to move out of your home without the usual eviction process.

Help with Criminal Charges

If you want to press criminal charges, a domestic assault attorney can go with you to the police office and offer you support. Although they cannot press the charges for you, or prosecute the offender, they can offer you their support and guidance and help you provide the police with the evidence that they need.

Assist with Custody

If you have children with the individual who harmed you, they can help you with custody. They can help you get a temporary custody order in place that will protect you and your children. From there, your attorney can help you set up a long-term custody agreement that will protect your child and help you take care of your children as well.

File for Divorce

Next, if you are married to the person who harmed you, your attorney can help you file for divorce as well. They can help you build your case for a divorce, and they can help ensure that you get the assistance that you need to stay safe while going through the divorce process.

If you are in a violent situation, find an attorney who has experience with these types of situations. The attorney can help you move forward with a protection order and then from there can help you sort out the other legal matters that will need to be addressed.

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