3 Aspects of Child Support That Every Parent Should Consider During a Divorce

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3 Aspects of Child Support That Every Parent Should Consider During a Divorce

A divorce with children involved means considering all aspects of custody and child support. You may be under the misconception that child support is only for living expenses of the child. There are other aspects of your children's lives that can affect the amount of child support that you request and are granted by the court. Here are three aspects of child support that every parent should consider during a divorce in order to receive the amount you will need for your child.

Extracurricular Activities

Most children will have some form of extracurricular activity they are involved in. These activities may fall during anytime of the year. Most of the activities will have fees for uniforms, gear, and participation that are not covered by the school. These activities and fees can be considered during the child support portion of the divorce hearing. You may be able to split the cost with your former spouse, or you may be able to cover the cost for one activity while your former spouse covers fees for another activity. Keep in mind, these activities should be something your child has already registered for or participated in in the past and not something you assume they will participate in in the future.

Therapy Appointments

Some children may have issues that require therapy of some kind. For example, you may have a child that falls on the Autistic spectrum. Depending on where they fall on the spectrum, they will have occupational therapy as well as other forms of therapy. These various therapies will be covered under certain insurance plans, but may not be covered in full. If this is the case, you will have to pay out of pocket for deductibles as well as any portion of the therapy that is not covered. You can seek for compensation of these therapies as part of the child support amount.

Educational Reimbursement

Every form of education, including homeschool, has fees. If your child is in public school you will have activities, pictures, and field trips that will have a fee attached to them. You may go ahead and pay for these out of pocket since the time for payment may only be a few days from the time you are notified. For this reason, you could end up spending a large amount during the school year. Depending on the state statues, you may be able to request for education reimbursement as part of the child support payment.

These are only three aspects of child support that you should consider during a divorce process. If you have specific needs that you would like considered during a child support hearing, as part of your divorce process, consult a law firm such as Dionisio Law. They can discuss the options with you and can work with you to achieve the results that are best for your child and their financial support needs.

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