Four Ways Your Disability Attorney Will Argue Your Case

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Four Ways Your Disability Attorney Will Argue Your Case

If you are applying for disability, your attorney will know the best strategy to win your case. The first step would be to review the denial letter you received from Social Security when you first filed, which would be the reason you are now fighting for your case. The next step would be to determine why you actually are considered to be disabled under the Social Security law. From here, your attorney will use one of these four ways to argue your case:

  1. Prove Your Disability Meets a Disability Listing: The listing provides a clear description of an illness that is classified as a disability by Social Security. This is typically the easiest way to fight your case. Your attorney will use the qualifications listed under that disability listing to show that you meet them. This is easy enough to do with medical records and witness statements, as well. You can even have further testing and evaluation done by your doctor to ensure that you meet all the qualifications.
  2. Prove Your Cannot Work at the Level You Used To: Another way to argue your case is to prove that you are not able to work at the level in which you normally would've been working. If you are still able to do some kind of work, but it will mean less income than what you were making before, you will want to have disability to make up for that. This is heavily reliant on doctor opinion, as well, so it's important to have a statement from your doctor saying that you cannot perform the level of work you once were able to.
  3. Prove You Have Extreme Limitations: If your disability has led you to be unable to even do sedentary work, it's extremely important your attorney is able to prove this. This means that work is completely impossible for you. This is also heavily reliant on medical professional opinion since it's difficult to challenge that. 
  4. Prove Your Disability Through Questioning: Finally, when you make it to the hearing, your attorney will have already prepared you to answer hypothetical questions. These will be questions regarding whether or not you can perform certain tasks. For example, a question might be, "If you were put in so-so situation, would you be able to perform like you once did?"

With these four possible strategies, there is a high chance that your disability claim will be granted soon after hiring a disability attorney. Visit a site like for more help.

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