Four Tips To Help You Win Your Disability Case

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Four Tips To Help You Win Your Disability Case

Sadly, if you are disabled and unable to work, filing for and being awarded social security disability benefits is not as simple as you'd hope. Many people have their claims denied even though they are deserving of benefits, and other have to appeal several times before winning your case. Here are a few tips to help you win your disability case--the first time,

1. Don't wait to file.

While you are not legally required to file immediately, doing so will really help your case. Quick filing demonstrates to the social security office that you are serious about requiring benefits. Plus, the sooner you file, the fresher the details of your case will be in your mind. You are less likely to forget something important or leave out a key detail. 

2. Include the sources of your medical documents.

When you file, you will be required to include all medical documents related to your injuries. If these are neat, organized, and carefully marked with their sources, there is a smaller chance of someone looking past necessary documents or mistaking them for something else. It can be helpful to also include, with your claim, a master list of all doctors who have treated you, the treatment they provided, the dates of those treatments, and the doctors' contact information. This makes it easier for the social security office to reach out to the doctors for verification if needed. 

3. Call and check on your claim.

After you send in your claim materials, call the disability office and check on the status of the claim every week or so. This will remind the employees to move along on your case, and it will also help ensure that if there is any missing paperwork, you find out about it and have a chance to submit it rather than having to re-apply completely. The social security office won't always call you about missing paperwork--they'll just deny your claim--but if you make the call and checkup, they may "cut you a break."

4. Get a lawyer involved from the beginning.

Some people wait until their claim has been denied before seeking an attorney to help them appeal. But you can save yourself many headaches by hiring a lawyer from the get-go. They will review your paperwork to make sure you don't exclude anything or make errors that could result in your claim being rejected. They can also guide you through the process of checking up on your claim as it's being processed. 

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