3 Hot Topics During A Divorce That You Should Work To Resolve Now

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3 Hot Topics During A Divorce That You Should Work To Resolve Now

It is no secret that couples fight during a divorce. The couple was probably fighting before the divorce started, hence the divorce, but many times the fighting gets worse as the couple gets closer and closer to the divorce. During the divorce there are usually hot topics that keep the couple fighting. If you know what these topics are you can start to resolve them early so that your divorce goes smoother. Here are some of the hot topics.

1. Money

Splitting the estate is never going to be easy. There is always going to be someone who feels like they didn't get enough, and in the end, even both may be frustrated with the outcome, simply because the estate needs to be split. If you don't have a prenuptial agreement you should expect your estate to be split almost completely in half. For example, if you have retirement accounts together or a pension, you will both get equal claim to those pensions and retirement in the majority of cases. This is because any money that was earned together will belong to both of you, even if one person earned more money.

You should simply expect your estate to be split down the middle. This will avoid problems and contention if you are expecting it.

2. Debt

Something that many people don't realize is that the debt will also be split. Any debts that you have will have to shared by both of you. This is one reason why people wait to divorce till they have paid their debts off. For example, if you have lots of credit card debt one of your may be assigned to pay off one credit card and the other person make payments on the other. However, both of your names will still be on the accounts. So if your ex-spouse doesn't make the payments, you could have your credit ruined. This is why you should try to get rid of all joint debt.

3. Custody

Lastly, many people fight over custody. It is vital that when deciding custody that you do what is best for the children rather than try to get back at your spouse by using the children. This will hurt the children more than it will hurt your spouse, which is why you should be reasonable and fair when it comes to custody.

By knowing that these are hot topics you can prepare now to make the divorce easier. Contact a law firm, such as Moore Robert G Attorney at Law, for more help.

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